Look See Advance

Innovation defies the status quo.  It requires an unbiased point of view and a steadfast desire for positive change.  It demands looking beyond problems to find solutions, and seeing the opportunity inside of every challenge.  Market Financial Group remains in a constant state of evolution, perfectly content to challenge traditional thought in order to advance the best interests of our clients.

Mission Statement
Making people and companies healthier, safer and more profitable.

Statement of Ethics
We remain steadfast in our commitment to always do the right thing, the right way.  We conduct ourselves each day with the same consistency and honesty as though others are taking notice, even if no one is watching.  We hold ourselves, each other, and our company to the highest standards, and at the end of the day, we will never need nor feel compelled to defend our actions.

Value Proposition
We have a distinctive 4 step process which we call Advance360.  This process will enable us to identify the risk issues facing you and your company, develop a risk management plan unique to you and your company, improve your risk profile with our insurance carrier partners, and make a direct and positive impact to your bottom line.