Agribusiness Risk Management

MFGunderstands the unique demands and exposures for a wide variety of Agribusiness risks. This sector includes those businesses involved with raising livestock, seed farms, how food is grown, processed, and distributed throughout the country. Agribusiness stakeholders have a major influence on the environmental practices of all segments of the food industry, from farm to table.

For your MFG risk transfer resource in this highly specialized and diverse industry, contact Robert K. Wold, Agribusiness Practice Leader 708-675-3924 for more information about developing or enhancing your risk management program.

MFG Insights

Today’s Agribusiness operations are complex, and global demands have pressured the Agribusiness community to respond like never before.  New technologies, bigger equipment, better ways to grow, and increased pressures from government and international agencies have cultivated an unfavorable risk environment.  Responding to these conditions and developing a comprehensive risk management strategy is critical to your operation’s success.  With a thorough understanding of the Agribusiness landscape our team is dedicated to assessing, creating, and implementing a fully customized risk management program to protect your livelihood.  A sampling of our specialties include: Farm and Ranch, Animal Mortality for First and Third Party Losses, Farm Employment Liability, Multi-Peril Crop with Customized Private Programs, Enhanced Pollution and Transit Coverage, Spoilage & Product Recall, and Small Captive Formation.


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