Commercial Insurance

In the modern era of commercial insurance, businesses face many unique challenges that threaten to compromise their growth and stability. Market Financial Group understands these obstacles and helps its clients overcome them by providing unparalleled products and service. This remarkable reliability comes from the experience of over 30 years of providing business clients with commercial insurance across the United States, our solutions address the issues of the present and recognize the challenges of the future.

Working with you, we will engineer a unique commercial insurance plan that responds to the specific needs of your business. By utilizing our expansive service platform we are able to lower your commercial insurance expenses while optimizing your business profits. With Market Financial Group, you will find the dedication and expertise necessary to help you find ongoing success in your business pursuits.

The backbone to this department lies with the exceptional talents of our customer service oriented team. These licensed professionals have completed several commercial underwriting training programs and amassed years of experience on the front line, fighting to keep the insurance costs as low as possible for our customers.

The ability to recognize needs and evaluate coverage has put MFG in production with many insurance carriers. Swift quote turnaround and competitive pricing has kept MFG on top with all of our customers. Expansive computer networking allows for immediate pricing capability, up to the minute accounting detail and instant claim submission. All factors contributing to the most effective and efficient commercial insurance practice in the industry.

Market Financial Group has over 30 Companies for comparative pricing of commercial accounts along with several wholesale brokerage contracts to cover the more unusual risks. Our brokers specialize in customizing plans that are specifically suited to the customers need. This packaging of accounts translates into expanded benefits at discounted premiums.

In addition to price control, our Companies are active experts on loss control engineering and the rehabilitation of injured workers. MFG takes aggressive measures to assist your organization in loss prevention through regular monitoring systems and status reports.

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