Construction Risk Management

MFGunderstands the unique demands and exposures for construction companies and their owners. Our service platform for the Construction industry tailors a program designed to fit your unique needs. For your risk transfer resource, contact a MFG Construction Risk Management consultant for more information about developing or enhancing your risk management program. We consult for a broad range of Construction Contractors: General & Paper, Bridge & Highway, Elevator Hoist, Masonry & Concrete, Mechanical & Plumbing, Artisan Trade – Interior & Exterior, Residential Builders, Electrical & Millwright, Fire & Sprinkler, Excavation & Land Clearing.


MFG Insights

  • General contractors manage the construction of a new building or renovation to an existing building. They are in charge of the entire project from initial clearing and excavation of the land to finishing the final structure.

  • General contractors generally specialize in constructing single family homes, commercial buildings, or specific types of buildings such as restaurants, factories or stadiums. Most have a set group of permanent employees, and then subcontract the remaining tasks to specialty subcontractors. While firms whose employees do no actual construction work are commonly called “paper” contractors, they generally act as “prime” contractors for such tasks as framing carpentry, structural masonry, or metal building erection. Mechanical tasks such as plumbing, heating, and electrical are usually completed by subcontractors.

  • The general contractor is also responsible for complying with all local and state ordinances, codes and zoning requirements. This includes purchasing the necessary permits and obtaining the necessary surety bonds.

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