Protect your Company with Executive Liability Coverage

Market Financial Group’s Executive Liability product suite includes Directors and Officers (D&O), Crime, Professional Liability, Fiduciary and Employment Practices Liability. The foremost coverage is D&O. It is important to provide adequate coverage to attract directors and officers to company boards. When considering joining a board of directors, be sure the company’s policy covers claims against directors and officers. Types of claims that necessitate coverage may include:

  • Corporations
  • Employees
  • Outsiders
  • Shareholders

Corporation D&O Claim Example

A claim by a corporation against itself must be approved by management and therefore is likely to be made against former directors and officers. This type of claim is particularly likely in the aftermath of a takeover, or when there has been a falling out between the corporation and one of its directors or officers.

Employee D&O Claim Example

Employment-related claims against officers are an explosive area of potential liability. The two most common types of claims are wrongful discharge and discrimination. In these cases, employers and directors or officers judged to have contributed to the alleged wrongful conduct can be found liable. In a recent jury verdict against an employer and several officers, two former employees were awarded $69 million for wrongful termination.

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