The MFG Risk Management Practice was founded on two basic ideologies, to assist risk professionals who are tasked with doing more with less, and to lead risk identification, reduction and mitigation efforts for our client partners with limited risk management resources. Our team of risk consultants will analyze your business from the ground up, identify your risks and exposures, implement tailored programs and strategies, and most importantly they are held accountable for advancing your organization’s overall risk profile.

What is our unique approach and how do we align our initiatives with our client partners to ensure they reach their risk management goals as an organization? 

Advance360 Process

– Analyze

The very first phase will be the most crucial as we will invest a considerable amount of our resources to comprehend virtually all facets of your business to assure that your organization’s assets receive precisely the appropriate protection.

– Identify

Once we have developed a thorough understanding of your business the risk identification phase begins. We explore a spectrum of alternative strategies to minimize and avoid risk while reducing administrative, insurance and claim costs to your organization.

– Implement

During this phase we implement tailored programs and strategies designed to protect your assets. This has a positive effect on your organization’s total cost of risk including risk transfer to your selected insurance company partners.

– Measure

Lastly, your business is dynamic and ever-changing. We continuously monitor and adjust your organization’s risk management program to ensure that we maximize its performance. This is accomplished by leveraging our deep understanding of your business.
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