Risk Management Technology

MFGRisk Management Technology and Services have continually evolved since our inception nearly 40 years ago, and are routinely enhanced based on research and development efforts as well as ongoing collaboration with our client partners. Each solution exists to eliminate administrative costs to your company, reduce the potential for claims, and identify and manage your exposures.


A web-based software and service designed to track certificates of insurance (COIs) and vendor contract compliance reducing an organizations total cost of risk specifically in the areas of administrative spend and claims and insurance premiums.

  • Streamlines COI Tracking Workflows
  • Eliminates In-House Tracking Platforms
  • Paperless Communication with Vendors
  • Automates COI Renewal Requests

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MFG Live!

A web-based customized risk management collaboration portal designed to offer our client partners industry and state specific loss control resources that build convenience and creativity into managing your company’s safety culture.

  • Document Management
  • OSHA Log and Reporting
  • Benchmark Surveys
  • Certificate and Auto ID Card Issuance

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Amber Luedtke: BDC Account Specialistaluedtke@marketfinancialgrp.com (815) 526-4107

Exposure Collection Portal

Our exposure collection solution is a custom and branded web-based risk management portal built to help you reduce administrative costs and easily fulfill your obligation to successfully identify property and liability risks across your organization.

  • Location and Contact Management
  • COPE Construction Occupancy Protection Exposures
  • General Liability- Customer and Revenue Monitoring
  • Automobile Schedule Creation